Women Hair Loss Problem


Mistakenly thought to be an only male problem, ladies make up a significant percentage of hair loss sufferers all around the globe. Forty percent of ladies have obvious hair loss when they are age 40. After menopause, that number increments considerably more. Hair loss in ladies can be absolutely devastating for self-assurance, mental self portrait and emotional well-being. Although it is not a life-threatening sickness and sometimes underestimated by doctors, hair loss can take an emotional toll that directly affects physical health. Hair is an important part of lady’s face and beauty, therefore it is not simple for any lady to face changes that affect the quality and particularly the quantity of her hair. Hair loss in ladies is a genuine life-altering condition that shouldn’t be disregarded and must be analyzed and treated in the best conceivable way.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Thinning up top men and ladies looking for genuine hair restoration solutions ought to first find what causes hair loss before considering treatment options. Investigate the underneath topics and realize what causes alopecia and what truly attempts to treat hair sparseness.

Ordinary Hair Loss and Shedding because of the Hair Growth Cycle

A certain amount of hair loss is ordinary and won’t result in thinning hair or hairlessness. This “typical” loss is characterized by shedding of up to 50 to 100 hairs day by day and is a natural result of the ordinary hair growth cycle.

Basic Baldness (Androgenic Alopecia)

Androgenic alopecia (alluded to as male pattern hairlessness or genetic female hair loss is the most widely recognized motivation behind why men and ladies go uncovered. The root cause of this condition is genetic and despite one of the hair loss myths that it is hereditarily connected to your mother’s father; genetic alopecia can be procured from either side of the family.

Other Hair Loss Causes and Types

Non-genetic causes of hairlessness are quite basic in ladies with hair loss, but can likewise affect men. Some of these incorporate but are not limited to: dietary issues, hormonal uneven characters, traumatic stress, restorative conditions, scalp infections, and therapeutic symptoms. Take in more about non-genetic causes of hair loss, types of alopecia, and accessible treatment options.

hairfall in womenHair Loss Treatments

Individualized therapy is the way to treating ladies with hair loss. Rather than the one treatment fits all, we at the Women’s Center For Hair Loss can concoct the best treatment approach, taking into account our diagnosing methods and extensive experience.

For most patients this will include a few therapies, including but not limited to:

Treatment of the hidden restorative conditions


Hair restoration procedures

Steroid treatments

Laser light therapy

PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatment

Nutritional methodologies

Hair care recommendations

How we analyze

Hair loss in ladies is not simple to analyze because it is regularly multifactorial in etiology and thus requires well-composed specific steps so that the patient is evaluated appropriately. The best approach to do this is to evaluate the patient in individual (rather than sending photos through email or Skype) because the patient gets an opportunity to meet her doctor to permit the development of a trusting relationship-critical because all the time the treatment of hair loss is an included procedure that requires a strong doctor-patient relationship.